Top Secrets to College Recruiting, here’s # 2

Your recruiting cannot begin until you have earned the trust of the college coach, and it cannot end until the coach has earned your trust.”- HansĀ 

As I meet high school juniors and seniors, I see a collection of student-athletes aspiring to become collegiate athletes. And yet, one after another, they don’t know college coaches. Sure, they might have met a coach or two at a camp, exchanged a few casual emails, but that’s surface-recruiting void of substance beyond camp invitations. I’m here to say with strong conviction, your college experience hinges on our secret # 2.

Secret # 2 to College Recruitingbuild relationships with college coaches.

More often than not, a college athlete’s success and happiness rides the wave of their relationship with the coach. If it’s good, then a sense of belonging is felt. If it’s not good, then a sense of being an outcast is felt. So, for you, how important is it to build relationships with college coaches before you make your college choice? To me, it’s monumental.

Intuitively, everyone would agree that it makes good sense to be trusting of the coach before you turn your child over to them for four years, but in practice, few people will take it to that extent. Why, because most people are starved for mere morsels of coaches interest and will bite at any that comes available. Here’s how it can work for you-

1) send the coach a quality email marketing package

2) make a call to the coach, speaking clearly and with confidence

3) visit the coach with your homework done and arrive loaded with great questions

This is how you build trust with the coach. Now, and only now, will they let you into their lives, their team, and their needs for you to be able to assess their real situation. Now, it’s on them to earn your trust, here’s how-

1) ask the coach probing questions about them, their team, their intentions

2) ask the coach for a few names of players who you can speak with

3) go watch some of their games and question parents on how they feel about the coach and their child’s experience

Now you can have a sense of the coach and how you feel about your trust in them. I ask you, how important is this? To us, it’s critically important and worthy of being our secret # 2.

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