Top Secrets to College Recruiting, here’s # 3

When everything is said and done, as a rule, more is said than is done.”- Lou Holtz, ND Football Coach, ESPN Analyst

Every time I meet young students and athletes, parents too, I always here what they want and need. The problem is that this process does not reward wants and needs, rather it rewards effort. Most often that means doing things that others don’t want to do. And here’s one of them.

# 3 Secret to College Recruiting- put together a personal marketing plan equipped with a quality email marketing package.

Intuitively, everyone would agree about the need to market themselves, but in practice, few people will. That’s bad news for them, but good news for you. Here’s why. There are 2.5 million high school students competing for 100,000 college freshmen roster spots. Well over 2 million will do nothing and eliminate themselves from consideration by default. Your odds are much improved as long as you are willing to take the following action.

Build a quality email marketing package consisting of three items-

1) well-written email memos, brief and to the point, with proper English applied

2) a well organized, one-page, student-athlete profile, always maintained with fresh photos and current information

3) a current video reflecting your game, easy to watch and easy to identify your strengths

Have a personal marketing plan consisting of four steps-

1) email your marketing package to the coaches

2) call the coaches to discuss their situation and your opportunity

3) visit the campus, meet the coach, arrive loaded with probing and relevant questions

4) follow-up with the coach, otherwise, they will move on to other athletes

This is the # 3 secret. Why? Because you control your own destiny in this way. You make things happen while others hope, wait, and wish for something to happen. Which do you prefer?

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