Top Secrets to College Recruiting, here’s # 4

The most important key to achieving great success is to decide upon your goal and launch it, get started, take action, and get moving.”- John Wooden, Legendary UCLA Coach

Every game begins with a first play, be it the first pitch, the kick-off, the face-off, the tip-off, the serve, the first shot. College recruiting does too. As Coach Wooden said- decide upon your goal and launch it, get started.

Intuitively, everyone would agree, but in practice, few people ever make the first play. Rather, most prefer to hope, wait, and wish. That’s a well beaten path that typically ends without the desired outcome.

# 4 Secret to College Recruitingget started, make the first play, match colleges to your qualifications

Pregame preparation for thestart of play is to assess the situation. Sit down as a family to discuss goals, interests, and needs for college. Then discuss qualifications. Our qualifications consist of academic record, cultural and social interests, geographical preferences, athletic level, and financial need.

Now you are ready for the first play, which is to identify a list of colleges meeting your qualifications. From this list, identify and record the coaches name, phone #, and email address. Prepare to inform the coaches of your interests in their college and sports program. Now you’ve started, the game is on!

Brought to you by Hans Hanson,, feel free to call or email Hans at any time with your questions.