Calling College Coaches

Who wants to call college coaches? I have spoken in front of thousands of student-athletes who all wanted to play college sports. Calling college coaches is very important to your interests in finding the right opportunity. Very few high school prospects ever pick up the phone and call a coach. Typically, they remain a prospect, rather than becoming a recruit.

Calling college coaches is a simple task, though nerve-wracking to most kids. The key to overcoming nerves is to be well-prepared. Be knowledgeable about the school and the sports team. Have a brief call script in front of you. And dial the number. It can be that simple.

High school athletes willingly to call college coaches improve their odds of playing in college by 20 times. Calling college coaches and scheduling recruiting trips is a vital element to building relationships and gaining trust. It is your first big step towards landing a college roster spot and earning your sports opportunity.

While there is no specific date that shows up on your calendar indicating the day for you to call your first college coach, every day you wait to get on track here delays your opportunity to visit colleges and meet coaches. And to think, there are 2,500,000 high school senior athletes competing each year for 100,000 freshmen roster spots. That’s just 1 of 25 high school athletes that go on to have a college sports opportunity. Most often, a deciding factor comes early- who’s willing to call college coaches.

Our Secrets for a productive call to a coach include-

1) Be prepared to call several times until you reach the coach; since you don’t know their office schedule, try different times of the day, early and late, weekends too;  it’s your job to get through to the coach, so after 5 or 6 tries, call the athletic department secretary and ask for their assistance.

2) Practice your introduction; know that the first 10 seconds gets you one minute, the first minute gets you 10 minutes; be good from the first moment of the call with a clear introduction; tone of voice matters, enunciation is most important.

3) Acknowledge the teams recent results and ask the coach 3-4 relevant questions; have them written down in advance, such as- “What is your goal for next years team?”

4) Move the call forward towards requesting a campus visit and a coaches meeting.

This is the hump in the road where most college prospects give up while others make the hurdle and become recruits. A diligent effort to reach college coaches with phone calls is key to opening doors of college sports opportunities.

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