Why Cannonball?

The Cannonball Foundation, created in 2009, was named after William “Cannonball” Jackman — a legendary pitcher who was one of New England’s biggest baseball stars in the 1930s and ’40s.

Once voted as one of the greatest African-American pitchers of all-time — and sometimes compared to Satchel Paige — Jackman played sparingly in the Negro leagues, instead preferring to play in and around his adopted hometown of Boston, often with all-white teams.

Jackman remained in Boston until his death in 1972.

For more on “Cannonball” Jackman, read our 2011 profile by baseball historian Scott Simkus: bit.ly/NEBJcannonball

What is the Cannonball Way?

Cannonball Way describes a state of mind earned by taking ownership of your life.

A person modeling the Cannonball Way is a person who is: hungry to learn, sprinting through the finish line, completing every duty, task or job started. The Cannonball Way recognizes compassion as a sign of strength and courage, not weakness. As a community, those living according to the Cannonball Way will create a culture of collaboration. Together, we achieve more.