Cannonball Scholars


The Cannonball Scholars comprise a group of socioeconomically diverse high school students modeling the Cannonball Way through their commitment to scholarship, leadership and sportsmanship.Cannonball Scholars receive financial assistance based on merit and financial need to combat the rising costs of essential academic counseling, athletic instruction and personal mentoring.

The focus of the program is to prepare each scholar-athlete for the strong mind, heart and body needed to lead in all of life’s arenas.

What do our Scholars Receive? | The Cannonball Scholars engage throughout the year with the Cannonball Foundation’s current and past collegiate coaches and players and educational leaders forming the Cannonball Network. Scholars receive: Individualized college guidance from experienced counselors; Leadership training through the Cannonball Foundation Leadership Program; Mentoring from a member of the Cannonball Network through college matriculation; Athletic instruction from members of the Cannonball Network; and Citizenship-education through community service and seminars. 

Admission Criteria | Applicants must complete the Cannonball Scholars online application. Only enrolled high school students will be considered. Coaches, parents and community members nominate players through our on-line application. Interviews are conducted with each student-athlete before finalizing our recipients.

Candidates for the Cannonball Scholars need an academic record demonstrating the potential for success at selective colleges and an interest in serving their communities. A critical component of the program is the individual’s dedication to baseball. The serious pursuit of the game fosters the focus, commitment and resilience that The Cannonball Foundation hopes participants will demonstrate for the rest of their lives.

For more information on joining the Cannonball Scholars, please complete this online application, or email